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Workshop for SMASHfestUK (2017 theme of Solar Storm) using conductive paint and recycled materials to create simple circuits that light up a miniature Deptford after a solar storm wiped out all the electricity. Children could record sounds and add them into their sculpture using sensors that are triggered by touch. 

SMASHfestUK is a free festival which is part of an ongoing engaged research initiative which aims to re-ignite the interest of young people aged between 7 and 17 in STEAM and each event uses as its premise an impending natural disaster which eventually engulfs the community in which the festival is staged.

Workshop for SMASHfestUK (2018 theme of Flood) where children could build a collaborative sculpture using recycled materials, record their own sounds of the ocean using a hydrophone and add these sounds to their sculptures using sensors. When a hand is waved infront of the different elements of the wave, the recorded sounds play. The wave also had a projected video I had made of various bodies of water.

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