Born 1990, South East London.

Currently living and working in Northumberland.

My sculptural work is designed to be held in the palm of your hand and interacted with – arranged, rolled, balanced, wrapped up, thrown, caught, broken. The production process is playful and led by a curiosity about materials. I consider the implications of working with natural resources or man-made materials such as jesmonite, plaster, pigment, plasticine, concrete, bog-oak, metal filings, solidified slime, polystyrene balls or stone offcuts. Ceramic glaze is mixed with volcanic ash or dust from industrial bricks. The forms vary – bulbous, stackable, cylindrical, tile or puzzle-like. Currently, I am translating these objects into digital 3D models. Certain changes occur when digitalising; they become hollow shells of their outer surface or floating objects in space. The digital objects can be played with, adapted or virtually wobbled, with a jarring connection to their physical forms.

In photographic and video work, I record objects and materials to make their scale ambiguous and sense of movement unclear. The photographs are often low-resolution images, the original place and context are lost; they become an archive of inconsequential fractures or openings. Solid ground is disintegrating, a damp corner is
growing gradually, an everyday unease is projected onto a tiny hole opening in the ground. A series of these images have been translated into Risograph prints as part of a publication – the unorthodox colour separations extend the sense of disorientation – hinting at an alternative reality where something mundane becomes alien. 

My practice and research have been shaped by working as an arts educator with young children and partially informed by interests in absurdist fiction, sci-fi, anxiety and worrying, mineral extraction and industrial processes. I am part of the collective Surface Matters: a platform for peer to peer networking, critical debate and exchange for intergeneration female artists whose work utilities making and materiality.


2020-2022 Masters in Contemporary Art Practice

at Edinburgh College of Art

2011-2014 First Class Honours in BA Photography

at London College of Communication

2010-2011 Foundation in Art and Design

at Camberwell College of Art

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